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Welcome to International Nuclear Energy Olympiad

26 – 30 September 2011, Seoul, Republic of Korea
A unique competition programme for students interested in nuclear power technology and policy
“A plan for gaining public acceptance of nuclear energy in my country”

2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad_Information for Participants

The International Nuclear Olympiad, being held for the first time in 2011 in South Korea, is a contest for university students around the world to research and develop a plan for gaining public acceptance of nuclear energy in their country.

Public acceptance is a key challenge for any nation introducing or expanding nuclear power plant facilities. The recent events in Fukushima have only served to heighten that challenge.

Despite Fukushima, the basic advantages of nuclear energy remain unchanged: a safe and reliable technology capable of supplying electricity on a large scale, at an affordable price, without pollution and greenhouse gases. How to convey these arguments to an often sceptical public audience?

The 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad is designed to give university students, who represent the future of nuclear energy, the chance to research attitudes to this technology in their country, and test messages that will help overcome adverse opinions. This research will be developed into a plan for gaining public acceptance of nuclear energy, which will be submitted to an international jury.

The participants will be university students at undergraduate or postgraduate levels in countries that are preparing for the use of nuclear energy, or countries with plans to build new nuclear power plants.

The 2011 International Nuclear Energy Olympiad will be organized by the World Nuclear University (WNU) and hosted by Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency (KONEPA).

The working language of the Olympiad will be English.

The Olympiad will be held 26-30 September 2011 including two days for entering and leaving the country. It will consist of the following events:

  • Presentations of participants
  • Award ceremony
  • Lectures: “World Nuclear Energy Today”, and “Public Acceptance and Nuclear Energy”
  • Technical Tour to Korean nuclear facilities

An international jury will evaluate each team's paper and presentation and agree a ranking and prize. The paper and presentation will be equally weighted in the overall evaluation. The 1st prize will be awarded to one team, the 2nd prize will be awarded to two teams, and the 3rd prize awarded to three teams. Other competitors will obtain a certificate that recognizes their participation.

Applications was accepted by 3 July 2011. Selection of participants was done by KONEPA and WNU Coordinating Centre in London.

Among 70 applicants, 10 teams from 10 countries are selected and the list is as below:

  • Canada(Team Steeltown)
  • India(Team Anushakti)
  • Japan(
  • Korea(Green Narae)
  • Malaysia(Serikandi)
  • Mongolia(Monnuc)
  • Romania(D2O)
  • Russia(MEPhI)
  • Turkey(NEAT)
  • USA(Lorentz Lions)

(Alphabetical order)

A guidebook for the performance of mission tasks includes next schedule, standard survey questionnaire, and activities in Korea.

The cost of participation including travel expenses to and from Korea, food and lodging will be supported by KONEPA. Invitation letters for Korean visas will also be prepared.

The schedule for the Olympiad is as follows:

  • Deadline for submission of applications: 3 July
  • Selection of participants (approx. 10 teams of two, one team per country): 15 July
  • Performance of mission tasks, including submission of paper: ‘A plan for gaining public acceptance of nuclear energy in my country’: 10 July - 15 September
  • Main event (Presentations, Award Ceremony, Lecture, Technical Tour): 26 - 30 September

Note: Participants in the Olympiad accept that any materials they submit may be used as the basis of outreach and education by the World Nuclear University and KONEPA.

Wnu logo.jpg

The mission of the World Nuclear Universityis to enhance international education and leadership in the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology. Chartered as a non-profit corporation, the WNU pursues this mission through programmes organized by WNU Coordinating Centre (WNUCC) in London, with administrative support from the World Nuclear Association. WNU activities are designed to harness the strengths of partnership members in pursuit of shared purposes.

Konepa logo e.gif

Korea Nuclear Energy Promotion Agency(KONEPA), which is a public institution founded in March 1992, was established for the purposes of promoting a proper understanding of nuclear energy and contributing to public interest through the development and distribution of objective and scientific knowledge on the peaceful use of nuclear energy

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